Friends With Money

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Olivia is a single, cash-strapped woman working as a maid in Los Angeles in order to make ends meet. She is surrounded by a support network of well-off friends consisting of Franny – a stay at home mom with a large trust fund; Christine – a successful television writer; Jane – a fashion designer; and their respective husbands. While the disparity in financial situations between Olivia and her friends creates some friction, each woman is facing her own individual struggles. Olivia can’t seem to find love or money and resorts to questionable tactics to satisfy both. Franny’s inheritance sometimes causes tension between her and her accountant husband, who likes to spend it. Christine’s marriage is falling apart because she and her husband can’t communicate effectively. Finally, Jane is becoming increasingly unpleasant to be around, possibly because of perimenopause and her husband’s sexual ambiguity. Together, these women attend charity benefits, have lunch, lean on each other, and wade their way through life.

  • Nicole Holofcener
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Catherine Keener
  • Frances McDormand
  • Joan Cusack

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